Meet Sarah Sanguine - Part 3

The two things most needed by Sarah Sanguine are to...

1. Seek to walk in the Spirit on a day-by-day basis to bring discipline, order, and purposeful living into her life.

2. Gain victory and control over her volatile emotions, particularly her outbursts of anger.

The following are some of the characteristics unique to Sarah Sanguine and how the weaknesses of the temperament can be modified when controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Strengths of Sarah Sanguine's
emotions ---
Warm and lively
Talkative - never at a loss for words
Carefree - never worries about the future or frets about the past
Compassionate toward others
Great storyteller
Lives in present
Infectious conversationalist
Unusual capacity for enjoyment

emotional weaknesses ---
Cries easily
Emotionally unpredictable
Spontaneous outbursts of anger
Exaggerates the truth
Appears phony
Lacks self-control
Emotional decisions; impulsive buyer
Naive and childlike
Comes on too strong

Sarah Sanguine is a very emotional gal. She is never very far from tears and is usually emotionally unstable. However, the Holy Spirit can stabilize her emotions and calm her restless spirit. With God's help she can develop self-control and a disciplined life.

relationship strengths ---
Makes friends easily
Responsive to people
Enjoyable and optimistic
Always friendly and smiling
Apologizes easily
Tender and sympathetic
Converses with genuine warmth
Shares other people's joys and sorrows

relationship weaknesses ---
Dominates conversation
Not attentive
Weak-willed and has little conviction
Seeks credit and approval
Enjoys people and then forgets them
Makes excuses for negligence
Talks too often about herself
Forgets promises and obligations

Sarah will become a genuine friend and show more interest and concern with the lives of other people than the other temperaments. Her attention on herself will have to be minimized to be a Spirit-filled sanguine.

actions strengths ---
Makes good first impression
Not bored because she lives in the present
Gifted in caring for the sick
Easily engages in new plans or projects
Breeds enthusiasm

actions weaknesses ---
Completely disorganized
Undependable; late
Wastes time talking when should be working
Many unfinished projects
Easily distracted
Falls short of goal

Unfinished projects and disorganization should become a thing of the past as she matures in her Christian life. With the help of the Holy Spirit, Sarah Sanguine will certainly become a more productive person.

The greatest needs of Sarah Sanguine for spiritual growth ---

1) To be more reliable and dependable.
2) To develop a greater self-disciplined life.
3) To replace her ego with genuine humility.

The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly LaHaye

Meet Sarah Sanguine - Part 2

For Sarah Sanguine, anger is a special problem. Because she is so verbal, consequently Sarah is often known for her "angry explosions." In fairness, Sarah repents easily for her angry outbursts and apologizes. Everyone usually succumbs to her charm and then forgives her. But after a while, that pattern gets pretty old. Sarah not only apologizes easily, but she also doesn't usually carry a grudge. Once she erupts, she forgets all about it. You may not forget, but she does. Thats probably why Sanguines don't have much trouble with bleeding ulcers --they give them to everyone else! By contrast, Clara Choleric, who can get mad almost as fast as Sarah Sanguine, doesn't forget after she erupts. Clara can continue to explode many times for the same insult, injury, or rejection --but not Sarah Sanguine. Once her anger is expressed, Sarah is ready to tackle her next crisis.

And Sarah usually lives from crisis to crisis. This is due to her lack of self-discipline, her inability to plan ahead, and her habit of agreeing to do more than her schedule could possibly allow her to do. Sarah Sanguine is so spontaneous by nature that she finds it difficult to engage in long-range planning. Consequently, her life is filled with endless disastrous experiences that have been brought on by her disorganization. Perhaps that is why tardiness, not paying bills on time, or not keeping well-intentioned commitments clutter Sarah's life with unnecessary pressures. And it may be one reason that, even though she was voted "most likely to succeed" in college, Sarah often fails to reach her full potential in life.

Sarah is famous for procrastinating. The challenge of doing the next activity dulls her motivation to finish her initial task and follow through on her assignments or commitments. Most sanguines would rather sit around with people and talk about work than engage in it. Sarah needs to set reasonable self-discipline standards for herself and keep them. She also needs to finish the present task before taking on the next. Sanguines are not lazy by nature, but they tend to engage in much meaningless and unproductive activity.

Sarah Sanguine also needs to develop sales resistance. The old saying is true "the easiest person to sell a product to is a good salesperson." As such, sanguines have no sales assistance. Consequently, they are often heavily in debt. The good news is there is much hope for Sarah Sanguine in the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The apostle Peter would have been known as the likable, charming buffon0n of church history if he had not had an enounter that transformed his life. And that power is available to any temperament today.

Meet Sarah Sanguine-Part 1

Sarah Sanguine is the superextrovert temperament with a fun-loving personality who is always the life of the party. She has a warm and happy disposition that is contagious. Sarah is also the one with charisma to burn and the natural ability to lift the spirit of others, often motivating them to new heights of success, happiness, and fulfillment. Sarah may have been a cheerleader in high school, and she goes through life seeking to lift the spirits of others and bring joy into their lives. She is a natural saleswoman and a fascinating storyteller.

The moment Sarah enters the room, she begins lifting the spirit of others. You can't have a party without her, for she makes people laugh with her endless chatter and list of jokes and funny experiences. She loves people and enjoys talking. She is easily the friendliest person you will meet and has an amazing ability to melt even the coldest personality. Melancholies usually resist a sanguine's cheerful spirit at first as "unrealistic," but even they begin looking forward to her relationship. Melancholies often marry sanguines. They are the one person who makes melancholies feel good. But after marriage, melancholies can often be driven to irritation and distraction when their sanguine spouses reveal disastrously disorganized and undisciplined ways.

Sarah Sanguine is in the good humor business. She spreads humor and cheer wherever she goes. Sarah an always be counted on to open the conversational door. But Sarah Sanguine has to be careful that her open friendliness isn't taken as being flirtatious.

Sarah is never at a loss for words, though some of her spontaneous chatter can become rather inane. The biblical phrase "your speech betrays you" is certainly true of Sarah, who is not a deep thinker; consequently, her conversation gives her away. No other temperament goes away from a party or gathering like Sarah Sanguine, wishing she had said less and listened more.

The emotional side of Sarah's life is always right at the surface. She can cry at the drop of a hat. And it doesn't take much to bring on those tears. The good side of this is that Sarah shows compassion for others easily. The bad side is that Sarah lacks emotional control (although, in fairness to Sarah, she can often laugh as easily as she cries -- sometimes for no reason, and sometimes much too loudly). It is this easy swing of emotion that often gives people the impression that Sarah is emotionally insincere. The truth is Sarah is just emotionally expressive.

One result of this emotional responsiveness is that Sarah can be swept off her feet quickly in matters of the heart. With her strong desire to please other people, Sarah can easily be led into sexual temptation unless her moral values are deeply rooted in a strong character. On the other hand, she does not dwell on the tragedies of life. Sarah is capable of forgetting the unhappy present and will set out to pursue a happier future (that she somehow always knows is just around the corner).

As lovable and expressive as Sarah is, she also has more than her share of weaknesses, chief of which is her weak will. Sarah's lack of discipline, unless fortified by the Spirit-filled life, is usually reflected in every area of her life. Many sanguines are 30 pounds overweight by the time they are 30 years of age, and can expect to gain another 3 to 5 pounds a year unless they face their weight problem and develop a disciplined program to overcome it. Her lack of self-discipline also often results in a habit of talking too much, failing to establish good work patterns, and giving in to her emotional excesses.

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Meet Clara Choleric - Part 3

The lively, energetic Clara Choleric can outproduce all the other temperaments put together. However, to reach her goal she probably has offended and run over the feelings of other milder temperaments that may have stood in her way. When she allows the Holy Spirit to soften her insensitivity to other people and learns to love with a compassionate heart, Clara Choleric can be a mighty crusader for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Please read the full Choleric temperament by purchasing the book...The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly LaHaye

Meet Clara Choleric - Part 2

To be used of God, Clara Cholerics must do two things:
1. Walk in the Spirit and seek to do God's will and not theirs day by day.
2. Gain victory over their lifetime battle with the harmful emotion of anger and replace it with love, joy, and peace from the Holy Spirit.

The following are some fo the characteristics unique to Clara Choleric and how the weaknesses of this temperament can be modified when controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Strengths of Clara Choleric's emotions....
-Confident and a natural leader
-Strong-willed and self-determined
-Fearless and bold

Emotional weaknesses....
-Violent anger problem
-Highly opinionated
-Insensitive to needs of others
-Unemotional and cold
-Little appreciation for aesthetics
-Unsympathetic and harsh
-Impetuous and violent
-Disgusted by tears

Clara Choleric's worst enemy is her violent anger problem. But she can expect the Holy Spirit to help her get this under control as she commits it to God.

Strengths of Clara Choleric's relationships...
-Does not expect anyone else to do something she can't do
-Not easily discouraged
-Strong leader
-Good judge of people
-Never daunted by circumstances

Weaknesses in her relationships....
-Lack of compassion
-Makes decisions for others
-Cruel, blunt, and sarcastic
-Tends to dominate a group
-Arrogant and bossy
-Uses people for own benefit
-Unforgiving and revengeful
-Prone to bigotry
-Haughty and domineering

The Holy Spirit will give Clara a compassionate heart and enable her to become more forgiving and thoughtful, less sarcastic and bossy, and willing to listen to the concerns of other people.

Strengths of Clara Choleric's activities....
-Good organizer and promotor
-Decisive; intuitive ability to make decisions
-Quick and bold in emergencies
-Keen, quick mind
-Great capacity for action
-Does not vacillate
-Very practical
-Stimulates others to activity
-Thrives on opposition
-Sets goals and reaches them

Weaknesses in her actions....
-Overly self-confident
-Bored by details
-Fores others to agree to her plan
-Tiresome and hard to please
-Allows time only for her own plans or projects

Through the Holy Spirit, Clara Choleric will seek to be open-minded and less opinionated. The realization will come to her that other people tend to have some very good ideas also, and she can put her efforts behind accomplishing their projects.

Some of the occupations and hobbies of Clara Choleric....
-Strong leader
-Professional career
-President of women's work
-Home entertainer
-Executive secretary
-Participant in athletics
-President of local P.T.A.
-High school teacher
-Precinct worker
-Bank trust officer
-Political activist

The greatest needs of Clara Choleric for spiritual growth....
1. To become sensitive to the needs of others.
2. To confess her angry and cruel spirit.
3. To develop her inner beauty by quiet hours spent reading the Bible and praying.

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Meet Clara Choleric - Part 1

Clara Choleric is definitely an extrovert with a dynamic personality. She is a natural-born leader and rarely hesitates to tell others what to do. She never lacks something to do. If her environment doesn't provide enough activity, her busy mind will think of more than enough to occupy her 24 hours a day.

Clara is extremely goal-oriented, which may account for her boundless energy. Her busy mind can always find something for her to do, and most of it is meaningful. By nature she is practical, and has little appreciation for music, art, or the aesthetic things of life. She would rather organize a concert as a means of raising money for her favorite organization than attend one.

Some cholerics have learned to become musicians, but you can credit their skill to an equally choleric parent who made them spend hours practicing their instrument. And when they play, their music lacks emotion and is more mechanical.

Speaking of determination, Clara Choleric has it to burn. That is why she is usually so successful in life (in everything but interpersonal relationships). She will make up her mind to do something, and she does it. Woe to the man or woman who gets in her way!

Clara Choleric can use feminine charm to get her way if it serves her purpose. Although charm is not Clara's thing, if the situation demands it, she can act the part as long she is on the stage. Once she returns to the real world, her natural traits kick in and she loses that assumed charm. Some Claras can even be cruel, cutting, and abusive of others.

Cholerics are often considered smarter than they really are. This is due to their active brain that is always thinking and is invariably practical. Cholerics lack the genius of the melancholy creative inventor, but they possess the organizational skills of the productive manufacturer. In the business world you will usually find Cholerics at the highest pay scale or as the owners of their own business. Abrahams wife, Sarah, provided a good example of that struggle in the Bible.

Clara Cholerics of the congregation can either be a great blessing or a real source of trouble in the church. No one can get things done faster than Clara, which is why she inevitably is elected chairman of whatever board on which she sits. If she uses that position as a source of power to dominate the pastor as she does her husband, it will cause real trouble, and of course is not biblically correct. Like all other temperaments, Clara must be filled with the Spirit to be of use to God. Some godly choleric women have put their talents to action as Bible teachers for adult women.

The Clara's of the world are extremely outspoken, opinionated, strong-willed, and fearless. This is a problem for cholerics that the other two more introverted temperaments do not have, and it becomes apparent whenever they are not controlled by the Holy Spirit. Their mouth usually gives them away. It also adds to their natural anger problem, which causes them to overtly express themselves.

It is possible, though, for Clara Choleric to walk in the Spirit and be totally transformed. If you doubt that, study the life of the choleric apostle Paul.

Please read the full Choleric temperament by purchasing the book...The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly LaHaye

Meet Polly Phlegmatic - Part 3

The complacent, peaceful Polly Phlegmatic is probably the easiest to be around because of her easy going and well-balanced nature. But she usually holds everyone at arms length and protects herself from getting too involved with people or work. Her greatest need is to recognize that her fear, which is not of God, definitely limits her effectiveness for Christ. Through Jesus Christ, Polly will be able to give of herself to others. Polly is quite a capable person when she is willing to let go of herself and let God take control. Very few Polly Phlegmatics will seek help even when they recognize they have a problem.

2 Timothy 1:7 "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."

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Meet Polly Phlegmatic - Part 2

The following are some of the characteristics that are unique to Polly Phlegmatic and a list of how Polly's weaknesses can be modified when controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Strengths of Polly Phlegmatic's emotions....
-Calm and dependable
-Good-natured and easy to get along with
-Cheerful and pleasant even if she doesn't have much to say

Emotional weaknesses....
-Lacks confidence in self
-Pessimistic and fearful; worrier
-Rarely laughs aloud

Through the Holy Spirit, her fearful, worrying nature will be replaced with the self-confidence of the Spirit-filled life, and her pessimism will gradually turn to optimism.

Strengths of Polly Phlegmatic's relationship to others....
-Pleasant to be with
-Has many friends
-Dry, witty sense of humor
-Softening and conciliating effect upon others
-Constant and faithful
-Diplomatic and a peacemaker
-Good listener
-Faithful friend
-Gives advice only when asked

Weaknesses in her relationships....
-Doesn't allow herself to get involved
-Selfish and stingy
-Studies people with indifference
-Indifferent about others
-Teases others who annoy her
-Not very cordial
-Attitude of superiority

With the Holy Spirit, Polly will develop a new love for people and will desire to get involved with others. Her selfish and indifferent spirit will also change.

Strengths of Polly Phlegmatic's activities....
-Works well under pressure
-Practical, easy way of working
-Neat and proficient
-Plans her work before beginning
-Stabilizing influence
-Dependable worker

Weaknesses in her actions....
-Calm, serene, uninvolved spectator in life
-Slow and lazy
-Reluctant leader
-Lack of motivation
-Overprotects herself from involvement
-Discourages others
-Opposes change of any kind

The Holy Spirit will help Polly to lose her slow tendencies and laziness. She will also develop a new motivation for productivity as she becomes involved and senses the needs of those about her.

Some of the occupations and hobbies of Polly Phlegmatic....
-Teacher - elementary
-Reluctant leader
-Gourmet cook
-Athletic spectator

The greatest needs of Polly Phlegmatic for spiritual growth....
1. To overcome her passivity.
2. To learn to give of herself to others.
3. To stop acting like a Christian and begin trusting God for everything.
4. To recognize her fearfulness as sin and give it over to God.
5. Walk day by day in the control of the Holy Spirit.
6. Replace her natural fears with faith in our living Lord, which will enable her to take on the projects she would otherwise quickly decline, thus limiting herself by unbelief.

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Meet Polly Phlegmatic - Part 1

Polly Phlegmatic is not just an introvert; she is a superintrovert. She has a gracious and calm spirit, works well under pressure, and has so little natural anger that she may live her entire life and never "blow her top." All who know her admire her easygoing, never-get-upset, well-balanced temperament. She is the epitome of dependability, is almost never late, and never offends anyone. Polly has many friends --in part because she is such a great listener. Rarely does she break a confidence. Not only is she pleasant most of the time, but she is usually very diplomatic as well. She is a peacemaker as soon as she can walk and talk.

Professionally, Polly is best known for her quiet efficiency. She is both creative and organized. Polly's closet will be neat with everything on hangers, in proper order, and grouped by dresses, skirts, slips, blouses, suits, etc.

Polly may not share Martha Melancholy's high intelligence, but neither does she share her high susceptibility to emotional self-destruction. Polly's sense of organization, calm consistency, and dependability get her to her goals eventually and enable her to do well on tests. She is usually also a good speller and a quick learner. One of Polly's most helpful traits is her practical outlook on life. She is the one temperament that enjoys the artistic traits of the melancholy and the practical traits of the choleric. And while she usually shuns leadership, she is a good leader when the job is thrust upon her. In fact, in today's world of testy labor relations between workers and management, many company executives look for Polly Phlegmatic types to place in management positions because of their diplomatic and people-sensitive nature. They rarely offend anyone. When Polly does assume leadership, it is usually because she has a plan to reach her goals. Others also enjoy working with her because she never attempts anything by chance. Her biggest management weakness (and often matrimonial weakness) is her discomfort with confrontation. Rather than confronting an employee or a mate, Polly Phlegmatic will permit inadequate behavior to go on much too long.

To Polly's good traits, you can add her sense of humor. She has a dry wit that can see something funny in most situations. She uses it to dissolve tense moments and spread peace. She does not tell a lot of jokes like the sanguine temperament, but just says funny things. The flip side of that gift is that Polly will usually turn her humor into an art form as a means of protecting herself from involvement.

Because of these two traits, rarely will you find a phlegmatic with emotional problems that demand counseling, unless caused by her mate or children. The reason is basically twofold. Polly Phlegmatic almost always diffuses anger with a soft answer, because it is her style to strive for peace. The other is her sense of humor. Outwardly, Polly looks at life, people, and events through humorous glasses, but inwardly she may be questioning why someone said what they did and what was the hidden meaning.

But as gracious, lovable, and enjoyable as Polly Phlegmatic is to be around, even she is not perfect. In fact, if not caught early, Polly's passive weaknesses will eventually catch up to her and cause her to become a source of irritation. Chief among those weaknesses is Polly's selfish disposition. All temperaments do have a problem of selfishness, for it is part of our fallen nature. But Polly is selfish, self-protective and, in some cases, stingy.

And it isn't just money that Polly is selfish with. She also tends to protect her time, energy, and emotions. Polly sometimes has a difficult time learning to love others (except for her children and husband). Sometimes even they are shortchanged of her love. She may not be aware of it, for Polly is very protective. Hurt her once, and you may never get another chance -- she will protect herself the next time.

In addition, Polly can be stubborn. Underneath that gracious go-along spirit usually lies a stubborn streak of steel on matters about which Polly cares deeply. Understand, however, that Polly is very diplomatic. This may be why Polly is not well known as being stubborn, for she will often use humor, diplomacy, and grace to get her own way. If Polly wants her own way, she will get it.

One of Polly's traits that limits her in every area of life is her tendency to be passive in nature. On one side she may be patient, but on the other she seems to have a lifetime battle with the law of inertia. Throughout their lifetimes, the only thing phlegmatics will ever over-involve themselves is in avoiding getting overinvolved.

Polly Phlegmatic also carries around a syndrome of fear, worry, and anxiety. That, combined with her passive nature, results in a strong possibility that Polly will never fulfill her potential. Unless conquered by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, Polly's fears will dominate her life and she will never live the life of faith of a believer. It is not uncommon for the Pollys of the church, who otherwise can be very dedicated to God, to refuse all opportunities for Christian service.

Please read the full Phlegmatic temperament by purchasing the book...The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly LaHaye

Meet Martha Melancholy - Part 3

The self-sacrificing, thinking Martha Melancholy is probably the most gifted of all the temperaments. And yet, because of her self-centeredness, her critical spirit, and her gloom, she suffers more than any of the others and limits her ability to use her talents and gifts. It is only when her heart and mind are controlled by the Holy Spirit that the melancholy can forget herself and her critical spirit and become a genuine Christian who helps those around her with a tender and sensitive nature. She can develop a thanksgiving heart that will become a pattern of living for her. Only then will she find fulfillment, peace, and satisfaction in Christ.

Martha Melancholy has such great potential! Because she is naturally a loyal friend, when Jesus Christ becomes her Lord and Savior and she is controlled by the Holy Spirit, there is no other temperament with greater dedication and devotion to God.

Please read the full Melancholy temperament by purchasing the book...The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly LaHaye

Meet Martha Melancholy - Part 2

The following are some of the characteristics unique to Martha Melancholy, plus a perspective on how the weaknesses of this temperament can be modified when controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Strengths of Martha Melancholy's emotions:
~Loves music and art
~Rich, sensitive nature
~Analytical ability
~Emotionally responsive
~Deep, reflective thinker

Emotional Weaknesses:
~Moody and gloomy
~Pessimistic, always looking for the negative
~Likes to suffer, acts as a martyr
~Introspective to the point of being harmful

The melancholy has deep, dark moods of gloom and depression and will take on a more happy, cheerful countenance with the help of the Holy Spirit. Her introspective nature can learn to step out on faith and look toward the future with bright optimism.

Strengths of Martha Melancholy's relationship to others:
~Dependable friend
~Self-sacrificing friend
~Faithful and loyal friend
~Makes friends cautiously
~Deep feeling for friends

Weaknesses in her relationships:
~Critical of others and any imperfections
~Searches for perfection and judges everything according to her ideals
~Fearful of what others think of her
~Suspicious of others
~Can erupt into violent anger after prolonged animosity
~Often deeply hurt by others
~Will carry a grudge and be revengeful
~Dislikes those in opposition
~Hard to get along with

Through the Holy Spirit, Martha Melancholy can develop a loving spirit, thus causing her to be less critical and suspicious of others and much easier to get along with.

Strengths of Martha Melancholys activities:
~Strong perfectionist tendencies
~Likes detail and analytical work
~Self-disciplined; finishes what she undertakes
~Fitted for creative, intellectual work
~Conscientious and thorough
~Gifted; genius-prone
~Knows her own limitations

Weaknesses in her actions:
~Theoretical and impractical
~Tires easily
~Hesitant to start a new project
~Too much analysis; leads to discouragement
~Life work must demand the greatest in sacrifice, self-denial, and service
~Becomes moody over creations.

She will become more outgoing and less self-centered through the Holy Spirit. Her pessimism will be counteracted by a thanksgiving spirit if she is obedient to the Lord and kieeps her eyes on Him and not on herself.

Some of the occupations and hobbies of Martha Melancholy:
~Culinary Arts
~Spectator at athletic events
~Educator - usually in math, science or english
~Interior Decorator
~Fashion Designer
~Poet - either to write or enjoy

The greatest needs of Martha Melancholy for spiritual growth:
1. To overcome her critical spirit.
2. To be delivered from self-absorption.
3. To become occupied in loving service for others, thus forgetting herself.
4. To develop a thankful spirit.
5. To walk in the Spirit on a daily basis.
6. To develop the mental habit of thanksgiving living - "in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you" (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Martha Melancholy has other lesser needs, but nothing will transform her life as greatly as changes in these six. As she yields to the Holy Spirit in these areas, God will use her to the maximum and she will like herself much better --and so will her loved ones.

Please read the full Melancholy temperament by purchasing the book...The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly LaHaye

Meet Martha Melancholy - Part 1

Martha Melancholy usually possesses the richest of all the temperaments. She is generally quite gifted by nature, with a high IQ and constantly analyzing everything. She often achieves good grades in school, enjoying the complex studies of chemistry, mathematics, and other precise subjects. If she has talents in the field of music, she will have a deep appreciation for good music and possibly be able to play an instrument or sing. She is usually a good speller and a precise grammarian. She is the student that teachers love because she gets her work in on time, and it is usually the neatest work in the class.

Martha is an introvert and, depending on her background, childhood training, and past experiences, she may rarely volunteer her opinion, even though she almost always has one. She is very sensitive, which may be why she does so well in the health-care field. There her self-sacrificing nature enables her to minister effectively to others, if her natural introversion and fear do not inhibit her. Once she works through the early days of a new vocation and becomes comfortable in her work, she will do extremely well with her innovative mind and creativity.

Martha usually doesn't have many friends because she is so internal and sometimes overly self-occupied. She almost never seeks new friendships, and she really prefers to be alone or at best with one or two others. Once she does acquire a friend, Martha is extremely loyal to them. That may be one reason she has so few friends. She tends to feel disloyal to her first friend if she finds another. If you have a melancholy friend, you will be blessed because you will have a friend for life, provided you don't betray her or grieve her very sensitive spirit. Be warned: You can offend her very easily without even thinking about it. Often Martha Melancholy is so sensitive that you can offend her just by the way you look at her (or, even worse, if you don't look at her.)!

Rarely will Martha have a lazy bone in her body. Instead, she is so industrious that she feels guilty if she isn't working. She is more like Martha, the sister of Lazarus in the Bible, and is always busy trying to make life easier for other people.

Self-discipline is another typical hallmark of melancholies. They are the most likely of the temperaments to follow directions, maintain a physical fitness regimen, and keep the commitment of their wedding vows. Unfortunately, they even tolerate spousal abuse and molestation, which amazes other temperament types.

One of Martha Melancholy's most obvious traits is her perfectionism. And frankly, I can't always say whether that is a blessing or a curse. If she is an artist, performer, or singer, she will work tirelessly to achieve her standard of perfection, which could reach higher than that of her teachers or parents. Then she plunges into a depressed state because she has not measured up to her own expectations. Melancholies are often unhappy with themselves and their performance, even though their peers or employers or customers may be extremely pleased with their creations. And while melancholics are often critical of other people, in fairness I should point out they are usually even more critical of themselves, which may be one reason they are often in an edgy mood.

Unfortunately, Martha's self-discipline doesn't always carry over into her emotional life. Even when told that she can think herself into a "funk" and in some cases a deep depression, she may still hang on to her self-pitying thoughts or self-criticism that spend her emotional energy and make her "tired all the time." In addition, Martha's creative abilities can take over. She can invent more reasons to feel sorry for herself than any other temperament and will imagine or exaggerate rejections, injuries, and insults.

It is interesting that, in the Bible, God sought more melancholy people to serve Him than any others. Some of the greatest prayer warriors, who were self-sacrificing and faithful servants of our Lord, had melancholy temperaments. Just ask yourself: What temperaments were Moses, Elijah, Samuel, John the Baptist, the apostle John, Paul, and Thomas? They were all melancholics. But like all of these men, to be all you can be in service for our Lord or as a person, you must cooperate with the Holy Spirt.

Please read the full Melancholy temperament by purchasing the book...The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly LaHaye

God Did Not Change The Apostles' Temperaments

In his book Transformed Temperaments, my husband Tim, used biblical characters as examples of the kind of "change" God can produce in any individual who accepts Him as Lord and Savior and allows Him to control his life. Peter was a superextrovert sanguine when Christ came into his life. After he was filled with the Holy Spirit in Acts 2, he did not cease being an extrovert. Instead, God was able to use his outgoing, contagious spirit to win thousands to his Lord. The apostle Paul was a strong-willed, hard-driving extrovert before he ever became a Christian. But after he was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, he dedicated his talents to God and became what many consider the most productive Christian in the first century and, through his 13 epistles, maybe in the whole of Christianity. Likewise, Moses the melancholy and Abraham the phlegmatic were totally ineffective for God until they were empowered by the Spirit of God.

Everyone would like to overcome his or her weaknesses. The only power I know that can do that is the Holy Spirit. But it is not automatic just because you are a Christian. Change will only come about when you cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

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But Some People Seem To Change

Many people seem to change their temperament as they go through life. But if you look carefully, you will find it is only when some higher and external source of power comes into their life and strengthens their weakness and they experience change.

While no woman can change her temperament, the spiritual power available to her in the Holy Spirit can transform her basic weaknesses so much that she seems to change her temperament.

The best and only external source of power for a woman today is the ministry of the Holy Spirit available to her after she becomes a Christian.

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Can Temperament Be Changed?

Melancholies commonly ask, "Can my temperament be changed?" Sanguines rarely ask that question because they like themselves and like the fact that most other people like them too. Cholerics don't want to change, but they would like to change most other people. Phlegmatics are usually content to happily watch others as spectators in life.

But the bottom line is, no, your temperament cannot be changed. Happy is the woman who understands that God made her the way she is and wants to use her that way. He had a plan for you when you were conceived, and will use all your life circumstances to mild you into the person He wants you to be, if you allow Him to do so. Your weaknesses should make you realize your dependency on Him. By understanding your weaknesses, you can overcome them through the filling of the Holy Spirit. God then can use your talents to the maximum degree. Most people are so dominated by the weakness side of their temperament that they destroy their inherited strengths.

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What Is Temperament?

No examination of human beings is complete unless temperament is considered, for it has more influence on their behavior than any other one factor in life. Just as our physical, mental, and emotional makeup is based on the arrangement of genes at the time of conception, so is temperament. Your temperament (or I should say, your unique combination of two or more temperaments), together with your physical, mental, and emotional characteristics, is what makes you uniquely you. Your unique combination of temperaments determines your actions, reactions, prejudices, and often your likes and dislikes. Admittedly, other factors play a role in why you act the way you do, inluding your childhood training, religious values, habits, and education.

Someone has said of the four temperaments that the creative melancholy invents things, the choleric manufactures them, the sanguine sells them, and the phlegmatic enjoys them.

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The Beginning of a Richer Life

Why did some of my other friends seem to have more ability and potential than I had? How could God use me when there seemed to be something missing in my life? Could He ever use me for His glory? These were the questions that seemed to penetrate my heart in my first 15 years as a young wife of a minister.

Then one day I found the answer to those questions. This fearful and introverted person came face-to-face with the missing dimension in her life. Missing was the confidence and self-assuredness that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13). The constant fear of not being able to live up to other people's expectations, including my husband's, had haunted me on a regular basis. But through Christ, I gained confidence and overcame all those fears.

My first encounter with facing my mounting insecurities occurred at a Christian Conference at Forest Home, California, in 1963. I heard Dr. Henry Brandt, a Christian psychologist, give a message about the filling of the Holy Spirit and the effect it could have on my life. This was the first time it had been presented to me so clearly, and instantly I recognized it as the missing dimension.

The fear and anxieties that possessed me were no from God: "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7). This was exactly what I lacked! I needed power, love, and a sound mind to enable me to throw off my poor self-image and fear, step forward with new confidence, and let God do whatever He chose to do with my life. I knew my limitations and that I could only do this by turning the controls over to the Holy Spirit.

I was also helpful when I realized that I was wrong in not accepting myself as God had created me: "I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that My soul knows very well" (Psalms 139:14).

Dr. Brandt talked to me about confessing my fears and anxieties as sin, "for whatever is not from faith is sin" (Romans 14:23b), and then asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I followed that simple formula and trusted the Holy Spirit over the days and months ahead to do the impossible through me because of this new power within me.

I will admit that there was no outward sign or expression except for a beautiful and quiet peace that settled in my heart. God was beginning to do a work in me that would be far more effective than anything I could do myself. I wanted to do the impossible for God. My new discovery did not change me overnight, in a week, or even in a month. But as I began to daily draw on that power, love, and sound mind, God was working within me. The missing dimension had been found. My natural temperament was still a part of me, but God was going to work on my weaknesses. Together we would see a transformed Beverly begin to grow.

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The Four Temperaments

Everyone has two temperaments.  Pick your most dominant temperament from the list below and then pick the one you think describes you secondly. No one is 100% one.  Sometimes it helps to get someone else to help you decide.  Sometimes we don't see ourselves as clearly as others see us.

Strengths: Outgoing, Responsive, Warm & Friendly, Talkative, Enthusiastic, Compassionate.

Weaknesses: Undisciplined, Emotionally Stable, Unproductive, Egocentric, Exaggerates.

Strengths: Strong-willed, Independent, Visionary, Practical, Productive, Decisive, Leader.

Weaknesses: Cold, Unemotional, Self-Sufficient, Impetuous, Domineering, Unforgiving, Sarcastic, Angry, Cruel

Strengths: Gifted, Analytical, Aesthetic, Self Sacrificing, Industrious, Self Disciplined

Weaknesses: Moody, Self-Centered, Persecution-prone, Revengeful, Touchy, The Oretical, Unsociable, Critical, Negative

Strengths: Calm, Quiet, Easy Going, Dependable, Objective, Diplomatic, Efficient, Organized, Practical, Humorous

Weaknesses: Unmotivated, Procrastinator, Selfish, Stingy, Self-protective, Indecisive, Fearful, Worrier

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I've studied and read the books listed above and I've come to find that I am the following temperaments:  CHLORPHLEG (Choleric-Phlegmatic)

Strengths:  Strong-willed, Independent, Visionary, Practical, Productive, Decisive, Leader
Weaknesses:  Cold& Unemotional, Self-Sufficient, Impetuous, Domineering, Unforgiving, Sarcastic, Angry, Cruel.

THE CHLORPHLEG (Choleric-Phlegmatic)

The most subdued of all the extrovert temperaments is the ChlorPhleg.

A happy blend of the quick, active, and hot with the calm, cool, and unexcited. He is not as apt to rush into things as quickly as the preceding extrovets because he is more deliberate and subdued.

He is extremely capable in the long run, although he does not particularly impress you that way at first.

He is a very organized person who combines planning and hard work. People usually enjoy working with and for him because he knows where he is going and has charted his course, yet is not unduly severe with people.

He has the best ability to help others make the best use of their skills and rarely offends people or makes them feel used.

The ChlorPhleg’s slogan on organization states: “Anything that needs to be done can be done better if it’s organized.”

These men are usually good husbands and fathers as well as excellent administrators in almost any field.

Although not as addicted to the quick anger of some temperaments, he is known to harbor resentment and bitterness.

Some of the cutting edge of the choleric’s sarcasm is here offset by the gracious spirit of the phlegmatic; so instead of uttering cutting and cruel remarks, his barbs are more apt to emerge as cleverly disguised humor.

One is never quite sure whether he is kidding or ridiculing, depending on his mood.

No one can be more bullheadedly stubborn than a ChlorPhleg, and it is very difficult for him to change his mind once it is committed.

Repentance or the acknowledgement of a mistake is not at all easy for him. Consequently, he will be more apt to make it up to those he has wronged without really facing his mistake.

The worrisome traits of the phlegmatic side of his nature may so curtail his adventurous tendencies that he never quite measures up to his capabilities.

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Titus, the spiritual son of the Apostle Paul and leader of the hundred or so churches on the Isle of Crete, may well have been a ChlorPhleg. When filled with the Spirit, he was the kind of man on whom Paul could depend to faithfully teach the Word to the churches and administrate them capably for the glory of God. The book which Paul wrote to him makes ideal reading for any teacher, particularly a ChlorPhleg.

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Temperament Difficulties In Finding God's Will

Life is the net result of the choices you’ve made. Are you following God or your natural temperament tendencies? If your major life choices have been made on the basis of the natural temperament, your life is probably fouled up. Or like many Christians, you may have followed a little of both –which means you are confronted with doing God’s acceptable or good will.

The following analysis will show you the dangers of each temperament. Try to find your predominant temperament in this description.

Cholerics at Decision Time

As soon as Cholerics become Christians, they face a difficult problem: learning to walk in obedience to God’s road map, the Bible. Frankly, strong-willed Cholerics prefer self-reliance to submissive obedience. In the paraphrased words of the prophet, they need to learn to live not by Choleric might and not by Choleric power –but by God’s Spirit.

Although Cholerics are practical and decisive by nature, they need to seek the Lord’s leading instead of depending too much on their common sense. They tell me, “I call on God only for the big decisions of life, but I’m capable of making the routine choices by myself.” Unfortunately, they interpret big decisions as whether the United States should withdraw from the United Nations or if this country should go to war with the enemy –courses of action in which they can contribute nothing directly. In other words, they rarely consult nothing directly. In other words, they rarely consult God for His leading regarding the direction of their own lives but lean on their own understanding.

Another difficutly relates to Choleric’s strong tendency to be independent and self- sufficient. Consequently they seldom ask the advice of friends. Having great confidence in their own ability to make proper choices, they rarely ask others who are in a position to be more objective.

When trouble arises, Cholerics tend to lower their heads and bulldoze their way through it. Consequently instead of recognizing when they have made a mistake and changing course, they plow straight ahead, relying on brute force and durability rather than divine guidance. More than any other temperament, Cholerics will force the square peg into a round hole and then expect God to bless their success.

Unfortunately, Cholerics often enjoy working for God more than spending time with Him. They need to learn to “delight (themselves) in the Lord” (Ps. 37:4). However, if Cholerics learn to submit their wills to God, He can use them powerfully. He can turn their goal-oriented drive into a useful tool for building His kingdom. When their wills are submitted to God, their tenacity and energy become positive forces.

Cholerics need to trust in the Lord, not in their own understanding. Like the Sanguines, they must use times of decision making to read and study the Bible, pray and seek God’s leading, consciously surrendering their will to Him. Cholerics can accomplish great things for God if they will follow His plan instead of their own, recognizing the principle, “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it” (Ps 127:1a).

Phlegmatics at Decision Time

The practical side of the quiet, gentle Phlegmatic tends to simplify the decision process of life. But once they know God’s will, they often lack the faith to step out and do it. They may be blessed with an objectivity about others’ problems and be able to render good advice to friends, but an obsessive self-protection and hesitancy to get involved makes them vacillate and worry about consequences almost as much as the Melancholics do. When Phlegmatics examine what’s involved and how God’s purposes will affect them, they lose their objectivity.

It always pains me to remind Phlegmatics that they tend to be selfish people –selfish about giving their love, themselves, their possessions, and their service. Thus every decision to take action is shrouded in the complexity of resistance. Because they tend to be stubborn, the more stubborn tries to push them, the more they resist. Consequently, they may reject the advice of well-meaning friends.

Phlegmatics will never openly rebel at God’s will, but they will refuse to act on it. Unless they’re deeply surrendered to doing His will –no matter what the cost –they will decline a positive response more diplomatically than any other temperament.

Phlegmatices’ preoccupation with self-protection hinders them from making many decisions. As pastor of a church for many years, I found that a public display of spiritual decisions was difficult for Phlegmatics. Many attended our church for a long time and were confident it was the place God wanted the family members would they take the public steps necessary to become a member.

Phlegmatics need to examine their motives whenever making a decision. If the road signs match up, yet they hesitate, they need to ask, “Am I resisting because I’m afraid of the consequences, or am I protecting myself rather than serving God?” They need to throw off the shell of self-protection, abandon themselves to the will of God, and pray, “Lord, what do you want me to do?” He hasn’t saved any of us to be potted plants but tools in His hand for reaching others.

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Temperaments Can Be Changed!

The Apostle Paul put into words the heart-cry of despair felt by every sincere individual who laments his weaknesses of temperament: “Oh, wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death!” (Romans 7:24) His answer is electrifying, “I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Yes, temperament can be changed! This is clearly seen from II Corinthians 5:17 where Paul wrote: “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

Since temperament is our “old nature,” what man needs is a “new nature.” That “new nature” is imparted to man when he receives Jesus Christ into his life. The Apostle Peter could speak on this subject from personal experience, for his temperament was vastly changed by receiving the “new nature.” In II Peter 1:4 he refers to those who have been “born again” by faith in Jesus Christ as having become”… partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.” The “divine nature” which comes through Jesus Christ is the only escape from the control of our natural temperament, for only through Him are we made “new creatures.”

There have been unusually self-controlled individuals who have changed part of their temperament and most of their conduct, but they have not cured all of their weaknesses. Even they have had their besetting sins. Satan knows our major temperament weaknesses, and you can be sure he will use his power to defeat us. His greatest delight in regard to Christians is to see them defeated by their own weaknesses. The victory, however, is available through Jesus Christ whose Spirit can make all things new in the believer’s life.

Admittedly, all Christians do not experience this transforming power. Just ask a convert’s husband or wife, or in some cases, children! In fact, I’m sorry to have to admit that the majority of Christians do not see a complete transformation of their temperament. The reason is abundantly clear: the Christian has not remained in an “abiding” relationship with Jesus Christ. (See John 15:1-14) But that does not change the fact that the moment the individual received Jesus Christ, he received the “new nature” which is able to cause “old things to pass away and all things to become new.” We shall see that the filling of the Holy Spirit is not only commanded by God for every Christian (Ephesians 5:18), but this filling results in the Holy Spirit so controlling a man’s nature that he actually lives the life of Christ.

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Your Born With It!

“Why is it that I can’t control myself? I know what’s right and wrong –I just don’t seem to be able to do it!” This frustrated plea came from a fine young businessman who had come to me for counseling. Its not the first time we here this complaint in one form or another; in fact, it is a very common experience.

The Apostle Paul no doubt felt that same way when he said, “…for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not. For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.” (Romans 7:18-20)

Paul differentiated between himself and that uncontrollable force within by saying, “It is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.” The “I” is Paul’s person, the soul, will, and mind of man. The “sin” that dwelleth in him was the natural weaknesses that he, like all human beings, inherited from his parents.

We have all inherited a basic temperament from our parents that contains both strengths and weaknesses. This temperament is called several things in the Bible, “the natural man,” “the flesh,” “the old man,” and “corruptible flesh,” to name a few. It is the basic impulse of our being that seeks to satisfy our wants. To properly understand its control of our actions and reactions we should distinguish carefully between temperament, character, and personality by defining them.

Temperament is the combination of inborn traits that subconsciously affects man’s behavior. These traits are arranged genetically on the basis of nationality, race, sex and other hereditary factors. The alignment of temperament traits is just as unpredictable as the color of eyes, hair, or size of body.

Character is the real you. The Bible refers to it as “the hidden man of the heart.” It is the result of your natural temperament modified by childhood training, education, and basic attitudes, beliefs, principles, and motivations. It is sometimes referred to as “the soul” of man, which is made up of the mind, emotions, and will.

Personality is the outward expression of ourselves, which may or may not be the same as our character, depending on how genuine we are. Often personality is a pleasing fa├žade for an unpleasant or weak character. Many are acting a part today on the basis of what they think a person should be, rather than what they really are. This is a formula for mental and spiritual chaos. It is caused by following the human formula for acceptable conduct. The Bible tells us, “Man looketh on the outward appearance, and God looketh on the heart,” and “Out of the heart proceed the issues of life.” The place to change behavior is inside man, not outside.

Temperament traits, whether controlled or uncontrolled, last throughout life. The older we get, however, the softer and more mellow our harsh and hard traits tend to become. Man learns that if he is to live at peace with his fellow man, it is best to emphasize his natural strengths and subdue his weaknesses. Many are successful in developing their character and improving their personality, but comparatively few are able to change their temperament. Yet –it is possible.

Please read the complete book of temperaments by purchasing the book...The Spirit-Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye