Meet Polly Phlegmatic - Part 1

Polly Phlegmatic is not just an introvert; she is a superintrovert. She has a gracious and calm spirit, works well under pressure, and has so little natural anger that she may live her entire life and never "blow her top." All who know her admire her easygoing, never-get-upset, well-balanced temperament. She is the epitome of dependability, is almost never late, and never offends anyone. Polly has many friends --in part because she is such a great listener. Rarely does she break a confidence. Not only is she pleasant most of the time, but she is usually very diplomatic as well. She is a peacemaker as soon as she can walk and talk.

Professionally, Polly is best known for her quiet efficiency. She is both creative and organized. Polly's closet will be neat with everything on hangers, in proper order, and grouped by dresses, skirts, slips, blouses, suits, etc.

Polly may not share Martha Melancholy's high intelligence, but neither does she share her high susceptibility to emotional self-destruction. Polly's sense of organization, calm consistency, and dependability get her to her goals eventually and enable her to do well on tests. She is usually also a good speller and a quick learner. One of Polly's most helpful traits is her practical outlook on life. She is the one temperament that enjoys the artistic traits of the melancholy and the practical traits of the choleric. And while she usually shuns leadership, she is a good leader when the job is thrust upon her. In fact, in today's world of testy labor relations between workers and management, many company executives look for Polly Phlegmatic types to place in management positions because of their diplomatic and people-sensitive nature. They rarely offend anyone. When Polly does assume leadership, it is usually because she has a plan to reach her goals. Others also enjoy working with her because she never attempts anything by chance. Her biggest management weakness (and often matrimonial weakness) is her discomfort with confrontation. Rather than confronting an employee or a mate, Polly Phlegmatic will permit inadequate behavior to go on much too long.

To Polly's good traits, you can add her sense of humor. She has a dry wit that can see something funny in most situations. She uses it to dissolve tense moments and spread peace. She does not tell a lot of jokes like the sanguine temperament, but just says funny things. The flip side of that gift is that Polly will usually turn her humor into an art form as a means of protecting herself from involvement.

Because of these two traits, rarely will you find a phlegmatic with emotional problems that demand counseling, unless caused by her mate or children. The reason is basically twofold. Polly Phlegmatic almost always diffuses anger with a soft answer, because it is her style to strive for peace. The other is her sense of humor. Outwardly, Polly looks at life, people, and events through humorous glasses, but inwardly she may be questioning why someone said what they did and what was the hidden meaning.

But as gracious, lovable, and enjoyable as Polly Phlegmatic is to be around, even she is not perfect. In fact, if not caught early, Polly's passive weaknesses will eventually catch up to her and cause her to become a source of irritation. Chief among those weaknesses is Polly's selfish disposition. All temperaments do have a problem of selfishness, for it is part of our fallen nature. But Polly is selfish, self-protective and, in some cases, stingy.

And it isn't just money that Polly is selfish with. She also tends to protect her time, energy, and emotions. Polly sometimes has a difficult time learning to love others (except for her children and husband). Sometimes even they are shortchanged of her love. She may not be aware of it, for Polly is very protective. Hurt her once, and you may never get another chance -- she will protect herself the next time.

In addition, Polly can be stubborn. Underneath that gracious go-along spirit usually lies a stubborn streak of steel on matters about which Polly cares deeply. Understand, however, that Polly is very diplomatic. This may be why Polly is not well known as being stubborn, for she will often use humor, diplomacy, and grace to get her own way. If Polly wants her own way, she will get it.

One of Polly's traits that limits her in every area of life is her tendency to be passive in nature. On one side she may be patient, but on the other she seems to have a lifetime battle with the law of inertia. Throughout their lifetimes, the only thing phlegmatics will ever over-involve themselves is in avoiding getting overinvolved.

Polly Phlegmatic also carries around a syndrome of fear, worry, and anxiety. That, combined with her passive nature, results in a strong possibility that Polly will never fulfill her potential. Unless conquered by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, Polly's fears will dominate her life and she will never live the life of faith of a believer. It is not uncommon for the Pollys of the church, who otherwise can be very dedicated to God, to refuse all opportunities for Christian service.

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