Meet Martha Melancholy - Part 3

The self-sacrificing, thinking Martha Melancholy is probably the most gifted of all the temperaments. And yet, because of her self-centeredness, her critical spirit, and her gloom, she suffers more than any of the others and limits her ability to use her talents and gifts. It is only when her heart and mind are controlled by the Holy Spirit that the melancholy can forget herself and her critical spirit and become a genuine Christian who helps those around her with a tender and sensitive nature. She can develop a thanksgiving heart that will become a pattern of living for her. Only then will she find fulfillment, peace, and satisfaction in Christ.

Martha Melancholy has such great potential! Because she is naturally a loyal friend, when Jesus Christ becomes her Lord and Savior and she is controlled by the Holy Spirit, there is no other temperament with greater dedication and devotion to God.

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Meet Martha Melancholy - Part 2

The following are some of the characteristics unique to Martha Melancholy, plus a perspective on how the weaknesses of this temperament can be modified when controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Strengths of Martha Melancholy's emotions:
~Loves music and art
~Rich, sensitive nature
~Analytical ability
~Emotionally responsive
~Deep, reflective thinker

Emotional Weaknesses:
~Moody and gloomy
~Pessimistic, always looking for the negative
~Likes to suffer, acts as a martyr
~Introspective to the point of being harmful

The melancholy has deep, dark moods of gloom and depression and will take on a more happy, cheerful countenance with the help of the Holy Spirit. Her introspective nature can learn to step out on faith and look toward the future with bright optimism.

Strengths of Martha Melancholy's relationship to others:
~Dependable friend
~Self-sacrificing friend
~Faithful and loyal friend
~Makes friends cautiously
~Deep feeling for friends

Weaknesses in her relationships:
~Critical of others and any imperfections
~Searches for perfection and judges everything according to her ideals
~Fearful of what others think of her
~Suspicious of others
~Can erupt into violent anger after prolonged animosity
~Often deeply hurt by others
~Will carry a grudge and be revengeful
~Dislikes those in opposition
~Hard to get along with

Through the Holy Spirit, Martha Melancholy can develop a loving spirit, thus causing her to be less critical and suspicious of others and much easier to get along with.

Strengths of Martha Melancholys activities:
~Strong perfectionist tendencies
~Likes detail and analytical work
~Self-disciplined; finishes what she undertakes
~Fitted for creative, intellectual work
~Conscientious and thorough
~Gifted; genius-prone
~Knows her own limitations

Weaknesses in her actions:
~Theoretical and impractical
~Tires easily
~Hesitant to start a new project
~Too much analysis; leads to discouragement
~Life work must demand the greatest in sacrifice, self-denial, and service
~Becomes moody over creations.

She will become more outgoing and less self-centered through the Holy Spirit. Her pessimism will be counteracted by a thanksgiving spirit if she is obedient to the Lord and kieeps her eyes on Him and not on herself.

Some of the occupations and hobbies of Martha Melancholy:
~Culinary Arts
~Spectator at athletic events
~Educator - usually in math, science or english
~Interior Decorator
~Fashion Designer
~Poet - either to write or enjoy

The greatest needs of Martha Melancholy for spiritual growth:
1. To overcome her critical spirit.
2. To be delivered from self-absorption.
3. To become occupied in loving service for others, thus forgetting herself.
4. To develop a thankful spirit.
5. To walk in the Spirit on a daily basis.
6. To develop the mental habit of thanksgiving living - "in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you" (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Martha Melancholy has other lesser needs, but nothing will transform her life as greatly as changes in these six. As she yields to the Holy Spirit in these areas, God will use her to the maximum and she will like herself much better --and so will her loved ones.

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Meet Martha Melancholy - Part 1

Martha Melancholy usually possesses the richest of all the temperaments. She is generally quite gifted by nature, with a high IQ and constantly analyzing everything. She often achieves good grades in school, enjoying the complex studies of chemistry, mathematics, and other precise subjects. If she has talents in the field of music, she will have a deep appreciation for good music and possibly be able to play an instrument or sing. She is usually a good speller and a precise grammarian. She is the student that teachers love because she gets her work in on time, and it is usually the neatest work in the class.

Martha is an introvert and, depending on her background, childhood training, and past experiences, she may rarely volunteer her opinion, even though she almost always has one. She is very sensitive, which may be why she does so well in the health-care field. There her self-sacrificing nature enables her to minister effectively to others, if her natural introversion and fear do not inhibit her. Once she works through the early days of a new vocation and becomes comfortable in her work, she will do extremely well with her innovative mind and creativity.

Martha usually doesn't have many friends because she is so internal and sometimes overly self-occupied. She almost never seeks new friendships, and she really prefers to be alone or at best with one or two others. Once she does acquire a friend, Martha is extremely loyal to them. That may be one reason she has so few friends. She tends to feel disloyal to her first friend if she finds another. If you have a melancholy friend, you will be blessed because you will have a friend for life, provided you don't betray her or grieve her very sensitive spirit. Be warned: You can offend her very easily without even thinking about it. Often Martha Melancholy is so sensitive that you can offend her just by the way you look at her (or, even worse, if you don't look at her.)!

Rarely will Martha have a lazy bone in her body. Instead, she is so industrious that she feels guilty if she isn't working. She is more like Martha, the sister of Lazarus in the Bible, and is always busy trying to make life easier for other people.

Self-discipline is another typical hallmark of melancholies. They are the most likely of the temperaments to follow directions, maintain a physical fitness regimen, and keep the commitment of their wedding vows. Unfortunately, they even tolerate spousal abuse and molestation, which amazes other temperament types.

One of Martha Melancholy's most obvious traits is her perfectionism. And frankly, I can't always say whether that is a blessing or a curse. If she is an artist, performer, or singer, she will work tirelessly to achieve her standard of perfection, which could reach higher than that of her teachers or parents. Then she plunges into a depressed state because she has not measured up to her own expectations. Melancholies are often unhappy with themselves and their performance, even though their peers or employers or customers may be extremely pleased with their creations. And while melancholics are often critical of other people, in fairness I should point out they are usually even more critical of themselves, which may be one reason they are often in an edgy mood.

Unfortunately, Martha's self-discipline doesn't always carry over into her emotional life. Even when told that she can think herself into a "funk" and in some cases a deep depression, she may still hang on to her self-pitying thoughts or self-criticism that spend her emotional energy and make her "tired all the time." In addition, Martha's creative abilities can take over. She can invent more reasons to feel sorry for herself than any other temperament and will imagine or exaggerate rejections, injuries, and insults.

It is interesting that, in the Bible, God sought more melancholy people to serve Him than any others. Some of the greatest prayer warriors, who were self-sacrificing and faithful servants of our Lord, had melancholy temperaments. Just ask yourself: What temperaments were Moses, Elijah, Samuel, John the Baptist, the apostle John, Paul, and Thomas? They were all melancholics. But like all of these men, to be all you can be in service for our Lord or as a person, you must cooperate with the Holy Spirt.

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God Did Not Change The Apostles' Temperaments

In his book Transformed Temperaments, my husband Tim, used biblical characters as examples of the kind of "change" God can produce in any individual who accepts Him as Lord and Savior and allows Him to control his life. Peter was a superextrovert sanguine when Christ came into his life. After he was filled with the Holy Spirit in Acts 2, he did not cease being an extrovert. Instead, God was able to use his outgoing, contagious spirit to win thousands to his Lord. The apostle Paul was a strong-willed, hard-driving extrovert before he ever became a Christian. But after he was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, he dedicated his talents to God and became what many consider the most productive Christian in the first century and, through his 13 epistles, maybe in the whole of Christianity. Likewise, Moses the melancholy and Abraham the phlegmatic were totally ineffective for God until they were empowered by the Spirit of God.

Everyone would like to overcome his or her weaknesses. The only power I know that can do that is the Holy Spirit. But it is not automatic just because you are a Christian. Change will only come about when you cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

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But Some People Seem To Change

Many people seem to change their temperament as they go through life. But if you look carefully, you will find it is only when some higher and external source of power comes into their life and strengthens their weakness and they experience change.

While no woman can change her temperament, the spiritual power available to her in the Holy Spirit can transform her basic weaknesses so much that she seems to change her temperament.

The best and only external source of power for a woman today is the ministry of the Holy Spirit available to her after she becomes a Christian.

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Can Temperament Be Changed?

Melancholies commonly ask, "Can my temperament be changed?" Sanguines rarely ask that question because they like themselves and like the fact that most other people like them too. Cholerics don't want to change, but they would like to change most other people. Phlegmatics are usually content to happily watch others as spectators in life.

But the bottom line is, no, your temperament cannot be changed. Happy is the woman who understands that God made her the way she is and wants to use her that way. He had a plan for you when you were conceived, and will use all your life circumstances to mild you into the person He wants you to be, if you allow Him to do so. Your weaknesses should make you realize your dependency on Him. By understanding your weaknesses, you can overcome them through the filling of the Holy Spirit. God then can use your talents to the maximum degree. Most people are so dominated by the weakness side of their temperament that they destroy their inherited strengths.

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What Is Temperament?

No examination of human beings is complete unless temperament is considered, for it has more influence on their behavior than any other one factor in life. Just as our physical, mental, and emotional makeup is based on the arrangement of genes at the time of conception, so is temperament. Your temperament (or I should say, your unique combination of two or more temperaments), together with your physical, mental, and emotional characteristics, is what makes you uniquely you. Your unique combination of temperaments determines your actions, reactions, prejudices, and often your likes and dislikes. Admittedly, other factors play a role in why you act the way you do, inluding your childhood training, religious values, habits, and education.

Someone has said of the four temperaments that the creative melancholy invents things, the choleric manufactures them, the sanguine sells them, and the phlegmatic enjoys them.

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The Beginning of a Richer Life

Why did some of my other friends seem to have more ability and potential than I had? How could God use me when there seemed to be something missing in my life? Could He ever use me for His glory? These were the questions that seemed to penetrate my heart in my first 15 years as a young wife of a minister.

Then one day I found the answer to those questions. This fearful and introverted person came face-to-face with the missing dimension in her life. Missing was the confidence and self-assuredness that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13). The constant fear of not being able to live up to other people's expectations, including my husband's, had haunted me on a regular basis. But through Christ, I gained confidence and overcame all those fears.

My first encounter with facing my mounting insecurities occurred at a Christian Conference at Forest Home, California, in 1963. I heard Dr. Henry Brandt, a Christian psychologist, give a message about the filling of the Holy Spirit and the effect it could have on my life. This was the first time it had been presented to me so clearly, and instantly I recognized it as the missing dimension.

The fear and anxieties that possessed me were no from God: "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7). This was exactly what I lacked! I needed power, love, and a sound mind to enable me to throw off my poor self-image and fear, step forward with new confidence, and let God do whatever He chose to do with my life. I knew my limitations and that I could only do this by turning the controls over to the Holy Spirit.

I was also helpful when I realized that I was wrong in not accepting myself as God had created me: "I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that My soul knows very well" (Psalms 139:14).

Dr. Brandt talked to me about confessing my fears and anxieties as sin, "for whatever is not from faith is sin" (Romans 14:23b), and then asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I followed that simple formula and trusted the Holy Spirit over the days and months ahead to do the impossible through me because of this new power within me.

I will admit that there was no outward sign or expression except for a beautiful and quiet peace that settled in my heart. God was beginning to do a work in me that would be far more effective than anything I could do myself. I wanted to do the impossible for God. My new discovery did not change me overnight, in a week, or even in a month. But as I began to daily draw on that power, love, and sound mind, God was working within me. The missing dimension had been found. My natural temperament was still a part of me, but God was going to work on my weaknesses. Together we would see a transformed Beverly begin to grow.

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