Meet Sarah Sanguine-Part 1

Sarah Sanguine is the superextrovert temperament with a fun-loving personality who is always the life of the party. She has a warm and happy disposition that is contagious. Sarah is also the one with charisma to burn and the natural ability to lift the spirit of others, often motivating them to new heights of success, happiness, and fulfillment. Sarah may have been a cheerleader in high school, and she goes through life seeking to lift the spirits of others and bring joy into their lives. She is a natural saleswoman and a fascinating storyteller.

The moment Sarah enters the room, she begins lifting the spirit of others. You can't have a party without her, for she makes people laugh with her endless chatter and list of jokes and funny experiences. She loves people and enjoys talking. She is easily the friendliest person you will meet and has an amazing ability to melt even the coldest personality. Melancholies usually resist a sanguine's cheerful spirit at first as "unrealistic," but even they begin looking forward to her relationship. Melancholies often marry sanguines. They are the one person who makes melancholies feel good. But after marriage, melancholies can often be driven to irritation and distraction when their sanguine spouses reveal disastrously disorganized and undisciplined ways.

Sarah Sanguine is in the good humor business. She spreads humor and cheer wherever she goes. Sarah an always be counted on to open the conversational door. But Sarah Sanguine has to be careful that her open friendliness isn't taken as being flirtatious.

Sarah is never at a loss for words, though some of her spontaneous chatter can become rather inane. The biblical phrase "your speech betrays you" is certainly true of Sarah, who is not a deep thinker; consequently, her conversation gives her away. No other temperament goes away from a party or gathering like Sarah Sanguine, wishing she had said less and listened more.

The emotional side of Sarah's life is always right at the surface. She can cry at the drop of a hat. And it doesn't take much to bring on those tears. The good side of this is that Sarah shows compassion for others easily. The bad side is that Sarah lacks emotional control (although, in fairness to Sarah, she can often laugh as easily as she cries -- sometimes for no reason, and sometimes much too loudly). It is this easy swing of emotion that often gives people the impression that Sarah is emotionally insincere. The truth is Sarah is just emotionally expressive.

One result of this emotional responsiveness is that Sarah can be swept off her feet quickly in matters of the heart. With her strong desire to please other people, Sarah can easily be led into sexual temptation unless her moral values are deeply rooted in a strong character. On the other hand, she does not dwell on the tragedies of life. Sarah is capable of forgetting the unhappy present and will set out to pursue a happier future (that she somehow always knows is just around the corner).

As lovable and expressive as Sarah is, she also has more than her share of weaknesses, chief of which is her weak will. Sarah's lack of discipline, unless fortified by the Spirit-filled life, is usually reflected in every area of her life. Many sanguines are 30 pounds overweight by the time they are 30 years of age, and can expect to gain another 3 to 5 pounds a year unless they face their weight problem and develop a disciplined program to overcome it. Her lack of self-discipline also often results in a habit of talking too much, failing to establish good work patterns, and giving in to her emotional excesses.

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