Meet Polly Phlegmatic - Part 2

The following are some of the characteristics that are unique to Polly Phlegmatic and a list of how Polly's weaknesses can be modified when controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Strengths of Polly Phlegmatic's emotions....
-Calm and dependable
-Good-natured and easy to get along with
-Cheerful and pleasant even if she doesn't have much to say

Emotional weaknesses....
-Lacks confidence in self
-Pessimistic and fearful; worrier
-Rarely laughs aloud

Through the Holy Spirit, her fearful, worrying nature will be replaced with the self-confidence of the Spirit-filled life, and her pessimism will gradually turn to optimism.

Strengths of Polly Phlegmatic's relationship to others....
-Pleasant to be with
-Has many friends
-Dry, witty sense of humor
-Softening and conciliating effect upon others
-Constant and faithful
-Diplomatic and a peacemaker
-Good listener
-Faithful friend
-Gives advice only when asked

Weaknesses in her relationships....
-Doesn't allow herself to get involved
-Selfish and stingy
-Studies people with indifference
-Indifferent about others
-Teases others who annoy her
-Not very cordial
-Attitude of superiority

With the Holy Spirit, Polly will develop a new love for people and will desire to get involved with others. Her selfish and indifferent spirit will also change.

Strengths of Polly Phlegmatic's activities....
-Works well under pressure
-Practical, easy way of working
-Neat and proficient
-Plans her work before beginning
-Stabilizing influence
-Dependable worker

Weaknesses in her actions....
-Calm, serene, uninvolved spectator in life
-Slow and lazy
-Reluctant leader
-Lack of motivation
-Overprotects herself from involvement
-Discourages others
-Opposes change of any kind

The Holy Spirit will help Polly to lose her slow tendencies and laziness. She will also develop a new motivation for productivity as she becomes involved and senses the needs of those about her.

Some of the occupations and hobbies of Polly Phlegmatic....
-Teacher - elementary
-Reluctant leader
-Gourmet cook
-Athletic spectator

The greatest needs of Polly Phlegmatic for spiritual growth....
1. To overcome her passivity.
2. To learn to give of herself to others.
3. To stop acting like a Christian and begin trusting God for everything.
4. To recognize her fearfulness as sin and give it over to God.
5. Walk day by day in the control of the Holy Spirit.
6. Replace her natural fears with faith in our living Lord, which will enable her to take on the projects she would otherwise quickly decline, thus limiting herself by unbelief.

Please read the full Phlegmatic temperament by purchasing the book...The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly LaHaye

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