Meet Clara Choleric - Part 1

Clara Choleric is definitely an extrovert with a dynamic personality. She is a natural-born leader and rarely hesitates to tell others what to do. She never lacks something to do. If her environment doesn't provide enough activity, her busy mind will think of more than enough to occupy her 24 hours a day.

Clara is extremely goal-oriented, which may account for her boundless energy. Her busy mind can always find something for her to do, and most of it is meaningful. By nature she is practical, and has little appreciation for music, art, or the aesthetic things of life. She would rather organize a concert as a means of raising money for her favorite organization than attend one.

Some cholerics have learned to become musicians, but you can credit their skill to an equally choleric parent who made them spend hours practicing their instrument. And when they play, their music lacks emotion and is more mechanical.

Speaking of determination, Clara Choleric has it to burn. That is why she is usually so successful in life (in everything but interpersonal relationships). She will make up her mind to do something, and she does it. Woe to the man or woman who gets in her way!

Clara Choleric can use feminine charm to get her way if it serves her purpose. Although charm is not Clara's thing, if the situation demands it, she can act the part as long she is on the stage. Once she returns to the real world, her natural traits kick in and she loses that assumed charm. Some Claras can even be cruel, cutting, and abusive of others.

Cholerics are often considered smarter than they really are. This is due to their active brain that is always thinking and is invariably practical. Cholerics lack the genius of the melancholy creative inventor, but they possess the organizational skills of the productive manufacturer. In the business world you will usually find Cholerics at the highest pay scale or as the owners of their own business. Abrahams wife, Sarah, provided a good example of that struggle in the Bible.

Clara Cholerics of the congregation can either be a great blessing or a real source of trouble in the church. No one can get things done faster than Clara, which is why she inevitably is elected chairman of whatever board on which she sits. If she uses that position as a source of power to dominate the pastor as she does her husband, it will cause real trouble, and of course is not biblically correct. Like all other temperaments, Clara must be filled with the Spirit to be of use to God. Some godly choleric women have put their talents to action as Bible teachers for adult women.

The Clara's of the world are extremely outspoken, opinionated, strong-willed, and fearless. This is a problem for cholerics that the other two more introverted temperaments do not have, and it becomes apparent whenever they are not controlled by the Holy Spirit. Their mouth usually gives them away. It also adds to their natural anger problem, which causes them to overtly express themselves.

It is possible, though, for Clara Choleric to walk in the Spirit and be totally transformed. If you doubt that, study the life of the choleric apostle Paul.

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