I've studied and read the books listed above and I've come to find that I am the following temperaments:  CHLORPHLEG (Choleric-Phlegmatic)

Strengths:  Strong-willed, Independent, Visionary, Practical, Productive, Decisive, Leader
Weaknesses:  Cold& Unemotional, Self-Sufficient, Impetuous, Domineering, Unforgiving, Sarcastic, Angry, Cruel.

THE CHLORPHLEG (Choleric-Phlegmatic)

The most subdued of all the extrovert temperaments is the ChlorPhleg.

A happy blend of the quick, active, and hot with the calm, cool, and unexcited. He is not as apt to rush into things as quickly as the preceding extrovets because he is more deliberate and subdued.

He is extremely capable in the long run, although he does not particularly impress you that way at first.

He is a very organized person who combines planning and hard work. People usually enjoy working with and for him because he knows where he is going and has charted his course, yet is not unduly severe with people.

He has the best ability to help others make the best use of their skills and rarely offends people or makes them feel used.

The ChlorPhleg’s slogan on organization states: “Anything that needs to be done can be done better if it’s organized.”

These men are usually good husbands and fathers as well as excellent administrators in almost any field.

Although not as addicted to the quick anger of some temperaments, he is known to harbor resentment and bitterness.

Some of the cutting edge of the choleric’s sarcasm is here offset by the gracious spirit of the phlegmatic; so instead of uttering cutting and cruel remarks, his barbs are more apt to emerge as cleverly disguised humor.

One is never quite sure whether he is kidding or ridiculing, depending on his mood.

No one can be more bullheadedly stubborn than a ChlorPhleg, and it is very difficult for him to change his mind once it is committed.

Repentance or the acknowledgement of a mistake is not at all easy for him. Consequently, he will be more apt to make it up to those he has wronged without really facing his mistake.

The worrisome traits of the phlegmatic side of his nature may so curtail his adventurous tendencies that he never quite measures up to his capabilities.

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