Meet Martha Melancholy - Part 3

The self-sacrificing, thinking Martha Melancholy is probably the most gifted of all the temperaments. And yet, because of her self-centeredness, her critical spirit, and her gloom, she suffers more than any of the others and limits her ability to use her talents and gifts. It is only when her heart and mind are controlled by the Holy Spirit that the melancholy can forget herself and her critical spirit and become a genuine Christian who helps those around her with a tender and sensitive nature. She can develop a thanksgiving heart that will become a pattern of living for her. Only then will she find fulfillment, peace, and satisfaction in Christ.

Martha Melancholy has such great potential! Because she is naturally a loyal friend, when Jesus Christ becomes her Lord and Savior and she is controlled by the Holy Spirit, there is no other temperament with greater dedication and devotion to God.

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