Meet Sarah Sanguine - Part 2

For Sarah Sanguine, anger is a special problem. Because she is so verbal, consequently Sarah is often known for her "angry explosions." In fairness, Sarah repents easily for her angry outbursts and apologizes. Everyone usually succumbs to her charm and then forgives her. But after a while, that pattern gets pretty old. Sarah not only apologizes easily, but she also doesn't usually carry a grudge. Once she erupts, she forgets all about it. You may not forget, but she does. Thats probably why Sanguines don't have much trouble with bleeding ulcers --they give them to everyone else! By contrast, Clara Choleric, who can get mad almost as fast as Sarah Sanguine, doesn't forget after she erupts. Clara can continue to explode many times for the same insult, injury, or rejection --but not Sarah Sanguine. Once her anger is expressed, Sarah is ready to tackle her next crisis.

And Sarah usually lives from crisis to crisis. This is due to her lack of self-discipline, her inability to plan ahead, and her habit of agreeing to do more than her schedule could possibly allow her to do. Sarah Sanguine is so spontaneous by nature that she finds it difficult to engage in long-range planning. Consequently, her life is filled with endless disastrous experiences that have been brought on by her disorganization. Perhaps that is why tardiness, not paying bills on time, or not keeping well-intentioned commitments clutter Sarah's life with unnecessary pressures. And it may be one reason that, even though she was voted "most likely to succeed" in college, Sarah often fails to reach her full potential in life.

Sarah is famous for procrastinating. The challenge of doing the next activity dulls her motivation to finish her initial task and follow through on her assignments or commitments. Most sanguines would rather sit around with people and talk about work than engage in it. Sarah needs to set reasonable self-discipline standards for herself and keep them. She also needs to finish the present task before taking on the next. Sanguines are not lazy by nature, but they tend to engage in much meaningless and unproductive activity.

Sarah Sanguine also needs to develop sales resistance. The old saying is true "the easiest person to sell a product to is a good salesperson." As such, sanguines have no sales assistance. Consequently, they are often heavily in debt. The good news is there is much hope for Sarah Sanguine in the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The apostle Peter would have been known as the likable, charming buffon0n of church history if he had not had an enounter that transformed his life. And that power is available to any temperament today.

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