Meet Martha Melancholy - Part 2

The following are some of the characteristics unique to Martha Melancholy, plus a perspective on how the weaknesses of this temperament can be modified when controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Strengths of Martha Melancholy's emotions:
~Loves music and art
~Rich, sensitive nature
~Analytical ability
~Emotionally responsive
~Deep, reflective thinker

Emotional Weaknesses:
~Moody and gloomy
~Pessimistic, always looking for the negative
~Likes to suffer, acts as a martyr
~Introspective to the point of being harmful

The melancholy has deep, dark moods of gloom and depression and will take on a more happy, cheerful countenance with the help of the Holy Spirit. Her introspective nature can learn to step out on faith and look toward the future with bright optimism.

Strengths of Martha Melancholy's relationship to others:
~Dependable friend
~Self-sacrificing friend
~Faithful and loyal friend
~Makes friends cautiously
~Deep feeling for friends

Weaknesses in her relationships:
~Critical of others and any imperfections
~Searches for perfection and judges everything according to her ideals
~Fearful of what others think of her
~Suspicious of others
~Can erupt into violent anger after prolonged animosity
~Often deeply hurt by others
~Will carry a grudge and be revengeful
~Dislikes those in opposition
~Hard to get along with

Through the Holy Spirit, Martha Melancholy can develop a loving spirit, thus causing her to be less critical and suspicious of others and much easier to get along with.

Strengths of Martha Melancholys activities:
~Strong perfectionist tendencies
~Likes detail and analytical work
~Self-disciplined; finishes what she undertakes
~Fitted for creative, intellectual work
~Conscientious and thorough
~Gifted; genius-prone
~Knows her own limitations

Weaknesses in her actions:
~Theoretical and impractical
~Tires easily
~Hesitant to start a new project
~Too much analysis; leads to discouragement
~Life work must demand the greatest in sacrifice, self-denial, and service
~Becomes moody over creations.

She will become more outgoing and less self-centered through the Holy Spirit. Her pessimism will be counteracted by a thanksgiving spirit if she is obedient to the Lord and kieeps her eyes on Him and not on herself.

Some of the occupations and hobbies of Martha Melancholy:
~Culinary Arts
~Spectator at athletic events
~Educator - usually in math, science or english
~Interior Decorator
~Fashion Designer
~Poet - either to write or enjoy

The greatest needs of Martha Melancholy for spiritual growth:
1. To overcome her critical spirit.
2. To be delivered from self-absorption.
3. To become occupied in loving service for others, thus forgetting herself.
4. To develop a thankful spirit.
5. To walk in the Spirit on a daily basis.
6. To develop the mental habit of thanksgiving living - "in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you" (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Martha Melancholy has other lesser needs, but nothing will transform her life as greatly as changes in these six. As she yields to the Holy Spirit in these areas, God will use her to the maximum and she will like herself much better --and so will her loved ones.

Please read the full Melancholy temperament by purchasing the book...The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly LaHaye

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