Meet Sarah Sanguine - Part 3

The two things most needed by Sarah Sanguine are to...

1. Seek to walk in the Spirit on a day-by-day basis to bring discipline, order, and purposeful living into her life.

2. Gain victory and control over her volatile emotions, particularly her outbursts of anger.

The following are some of the characteristics unique to Sarah Sanguine and how the weaknesses of the temperament can be modified when controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Strengths of Sarah Sanguine's
emotions ---
Warm and lively
Talkative - never at a loss for words
Carefree - never worries about the future or frets about the past
Compassionate toward others
Great storyteller
Lives in present
Infectious conversationalist
Unusual capacity for enjoyment

emotional weaknesses ---
Cries easily
Emotionally unpredictable
Spontaneous outbursts of anger
Exaggerates the truth
Appears phony
Lacks self-control
Emotional decisions; impulsive buyer
Naive and childlike
Comes on too strong

Sarah Sanguine is a very emotional gal. She is never very far from tears and is usually emotionally unstable. However, the Holy Spirit can stabilize her emotions and calm her restless spirit. With God's help she can develop self-control and a disciplined life.

relationship strengths ---
Makes friends easily
Responsive to people
Enjoyable and optimistic
Always friendly and smiling
Apologizes easily
Tender and sympathetic
Converses with genuine warmth
Shares other people's joys and sorrows

relationship weaknesses ---
Dominates conversation
Not attentive
Weak-willed and has little conviction
Seeks credit and approval
Enjoys people and then forgets them
Makes excuses for negligence
Talks too often about herself
Forgets promises and obligations

Sarah will become a genuine friend and show more interest and concern with the lives of other people than the other temperaments. Her attention on herself will have to be minimized to be a Spirit-filled sanguine.

actions strengths ---
Makes good first impression
Not bored because she lives in the present
Gifted in caring for the sick
Easily engages in new plans or projects
Breeds enthusiasm

actions weaknesses ---
Completely disorganized
Undependable; late
Wastes time talking when should be working
Many unfinished projects
Easily distracted
Falls short of goal

Unfinished projects and disorganization should become a thing of the past as she matures in her Christian life. With the help of the Holy Spirit, Sarah Sanguine will certainly become a more productive person.

The greatest needs of Sarah Sanguine for spiritual growth ---

1) To be more reliable and dependable.
2) To develop a greater self-disciplined life.
3) To replace her ego with genuine humility.

The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly LaHaye

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