What Is Temperament?

No examination of human beings is complete unless temperament is considered, for it has more influence on their behavior than any other one factor in life. Just as our physical, mental, and emotional makeup is based on the arrangement of genes at the time of conception, so is temperament. Your temperament (or I should say, your unique combination of two or more temperaments), together with your physical, mental, and emotional characteristics, is what makes you uniquely you. Your unique combination of temperaments determines your actions, reactions, prejudices, and often your likes and dislikes. Admittedly, other factors play a role in why you act the way you do, inluding your childhood training, religious values, habits, and education.

Someone has said of the four temperaments that the creative melancholy invents things, the choleric manufactures them, the sanguine sells them, and the phlegmatic enjoys them.

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