Meet Clara Choleric - Part 2

To be used of God, Clara Cholerics must do two things:
1. Walk in the Spirit and seek to do God's will and not theirs day by day.
2. Gain victory over their lifetime battle with the harmful emotion of anger and replace it with love, joy, and peace from the Holy Spirit.

The following are some fo the characteristics unique to Clara Choleric and how the weaknesses of this temperament can be modified when controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Strengths of Clara Choleric's emotions....
-Confident and a natural leader
-Strong-willed and self-determined
-Fearless and bold

Emotional weaknesses....
-Violent anger problem
-Highly opinionated
-Insensitive to needs of others
-Unemotional and cold
-Little appreciation for aesthetics
-Unsympathetic and harsh
-Impetuous and violent
-Disgusted by tears

Clara Choleric's worst enemy is her violent anger problem. But she can expect the Holy Spirit to help her get this under control as she commits it to God.

Strengths of Clara Choleric's relationships...
-Does not expect anyone else to do something she can't do
-Not easily discouraged
-Strong leader
-Good judge of people
-Never daunted by circumstances

Weaknesses in her relationships....
-Lack of compassion
-Makes decisions for others
-Cruel, blunt, and sarcastic
-Tends to dominate a group
-Arrogant and bossy
-Uses people for own benefit
-Unforgiving and revengeful
-Prone to bigotry
-Haughty and domineering

The Holy Spirit will give Clara a compassionate heart and enable her to become more forgiving and thoughtful, less sarcastic and bossy, and willing to listen to the concerns of other people.

Strengths of Clara Choleric's activities....
-Good organizer and promotor
-Decisive; intuitive ability to make decisions
-Quick and bold in emergencies
-Keen, quick mind
-Great capacity for action
-Does not vacillate
-Very practical
-Stimulates others to activity
-Thrives on opposition
-Sets goals and reaches them

Weaknesses in her actions....
-Overly self-confident
-Bored by details
-Fores others to agree to her plan
-Tiresome and hard to please
-Allows time only for her own plans or projects

Through the Holy Spirit, Clara Choleric will seek to be open-minded and less opinionated. The realization will come to her that other people tend to have some very good ideas also, and she can put her efforts behind accomplishing their projects.

Some of the occupations and hobbies of Clara Choleric....
-Strong leader
-Professional career
-President of women's work
-Home entertainer
-Executive secretary
-Participant in athletics
-President of local P.T.A.
-High school teacher
-Precinct worker
-Bank trust officer
-Political activist

The greatest needs of Clara Choleric for spiritual growth....
1. To become sensitive to the needs of others.
2. To confess her angry and cruel spirit.
3. To develop her inner beauty by quiet hours spent reading the Bible and praying.

Please read the full Choleric temperament by purchasing the book...The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly LaHaye

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