Polly Phlegmatic - Greatest NEEDS

The greatest needs of Polly Phlegmatic for spiritual growth ---

1.  To overcome her passivity.

2.  To learn to give of herself to others.

3.  To stop acting like a Christian and begin trusting God for everything.

4.  To recognize her fearfulness as sin and give it over to God.

5.  Walk day by day in the control of the Holy Spirit.

6.  Replace her natural fears with faith in our living Lord, which will enable her to take on the projects she would otherwise quickly decline, thus limiting herself by unbelief.

The complacent, peaceful Polly Phlegmatic is probably the easiest to be around because of her easygoing and well-balanced nature.  But she usually holds everyone at arm's length and protects herself from getting too involved with people or work.  Her greatest need is to recognize her fear, which is not of God, definitely limits her effectiveness for Christ.  She needs to treat her indolence as a sin; then, through Jesus Christ, Polly will be able to give of herself to others.  Polly is quite a capable person when she is willing to let go of herself and let God take control.

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